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Studi Kasus: Keterlibatan USO dalam tenggelamnya KM Lintas Samudera di laut Banda, Sulawesi Tenggara

Berikut ini laporan mengenai penampakan USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) - Benda Selam Tak Dikenal, di sekitar laut Banda. Konon, menurut beberapa korban tenggelamnya kapal KM Lintas Samudra, mereka menyaksikan fenomena yang sama sesaat sebelum kapal tenggelam (ditenggelamkan?).

Cuplikan berita asli:
Submitted by: Dahono F. - Semarang, Central Java Indonesia
Date: 2/5/2000 - Time: 5:22 AM EST
Subject: Unexplained Event, UFO Sightings
Location: Sea of Banda & it's vicinity
Date: 01/15/2000 - Time: 04:00 AM
Country: Indonesia - Seas around the islands of Moluccas and Irian/Papu
Number of witnesses: 4 maybe 6
Objects Shape: Light
Number of objects: 20 to30
Object had lights
Object emitted beams of light
Event Description: 3/04/00

Actually, it was my cousin's experience. I told him to tell other people to look for an explanation of this event but he doesn't want to and he doesn't dare. So I finally write to this website to look for answers.

He was on a cargo-ship crew that serve the sea lines between Surabaya, Ujung Pandang (Makassar) and the cities in Iran Java (Sorong, Manokwari, Nabire). During the predawn morning on January 15, at about 04:00 A.M. he told me that he and his fellow crewmen saw strange shapes of lights from under the sea. At first there's only two of them right in front of the ship. Then suddenly these two lights moving fast toward the ship and stop right beside the ship. One on each side of the ship. As soon as they stop, suddenly many more of these things lights-up, just as somebody has turned on the lamps from the bottom of the sea. They were shapeless, just like figures of islands on the maps. These shape of lights were scattered on the area 1.8 km in diameter. The outside boundary of the area they occupied formed an oval shape. No sounds were heard. And they just stand there and do absolutely nothing until the ship passing them by. The lights was white just like a TL lamp, neon lamps.

My cousin told me that he never saw anything like it. But his friend did see this things just one month earlier. The location is nearby, eastward from the first location. His friend was during the trip toward city of Manokwari. He saw the same lights under the sea but in different formation. These ones form a long line formation just ahead the boat. When the boat he was in trying to turn back to avoid crash with these things, suddenly the same lights formed the same formation just behind the boat. The boat was lifted up a bit when hit these lights. Next thing the boat turn right and escape from both the lights formations.

The last sighting was when the KM Lintas Samudera (a passenger ship) was having an accident in the Sea of Banda on the Moluccas. Some people were killed during the accident (I don't recall the number of casualties but you can check it out on the local and national newspaper on 22-30 January 2000. one of them that I read was Jateng Pos dating Friday, 28/01/00). Some survivors told that before the ship was sunk, there was two shape of lights from under the water moving fast toward the ship and crash the ship. The ship was later found in the beach of nearby island.

I'm very eager to look for an explanations of this phenomena. My cousin and I have some thoughts that maybe the lights was generated by some underwater creatures as fishes, sea-eels, or maybe giant octopuses. But if they were so, why didn't they make a movement (On my cousin's sighting). And how did they turn-on and off the lights they generated? As far as I know, some undersea creatures can generate electricity and lights, but if they do, won't they always have lights? and unable to turn it off?

Second thought was that it was A gigantic nuclear-submarine. Well, who knows that the riots happens in the Moluccas Island was related to these submarines that was on a such stealthy mission to drop weapons on the islands? (well,maybe it's too delusional and paranoid). But the lights generated by the nuclear reactor on the subs by processes called Cerenkov radiation could form that lights, isn't it? But if they were a submarine, what kind of submarine has a diameter 1.8 km? And how it could change shapes?

Please, I'm looking forward for explanations.

My cousin is the 3rd engineer on the ship of KM Sidu Arsi, a cargo ship belongs to PT. Pelni (Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia) that serve the route Surabaya-Makassar-Irian. You can check it out.


Cuplikan Berita Koran (translated):
SAR has found the ruin of KM Lintas Samudera that sank in the sea around the Cape Taipa, South-East Sulawesi (Celebes), on the early dawn of Sunday, but they found no trapped passenger inside the ship. The ruin of the 15 GT tonnage ship were found floating on the coastal area of Taipa and now has been pulled aside to the Metui Village. Said the Chief of Southeast Sulawesis District Office of Dept. of Transportation whom also the Coordinator of SAR team, Ir. Mawardi Yusuf in Kendari this afternoon.

The KM Lintas Samudera sank on its way from Molore in the Sultra (South-east Sulawesi)-Sulteng (Central Sulawesi) province border to Kendari, caused by huge-hard sea waves. In the accident, 7 were killed, 42 were survived and unknown were missing.

According to Mawardi, the join SAR team helped by the local fishermen now keep trying to search the missing passengers by searching along the coasts and small islands where it assumed that the survivors could have landed. There's very little chance that the missing passengers would be found alive, because beside it is already more than 3 x 24 hours, the ships was not equipped with life jackets.

We don't know the certain number of the missing passengers in the accident, we even do not know the certain number of the whole passengers aboard that ships because the captain of the ship didn't have any passengers manifests. said Mawardi. But for now, the information of the number of missing passengers holds by the SAR team to be the basic of the search ,come from the survivors that confess that six of their familiy members who were aboard the ship still havent found yet.

Among the six missing passenger is the father, mother and sister of a child name Yana (6 years old). The fathers name was Awan (35), mothers was Siti (30) and sisters was Lilis (10), all came from the Pondidaha District, Municipality of Kendari. That poor little child is now being kept by the Children Shelter House belongs to the local District office of Dept. of Social. Many people of Sultra were touched by the accident and is interested to keep and look after the child, among them is the Commander of Kendaris Naval Base Col.(P) R Budi Hardjo.

Some survivors, most of them are transmigrants, of UPT III and IV in Hialu, District of Asera, Municipality of Kendari explain that beside the big-waves, the ship sank because it collided with some kind of strange creature. I saw it myself, the ship was hitting something like a boat which have three beams of bright lights. People say that it was the giant octopussy, that according to people, there are many of them in the sea of Cape Taipa. Said Sukaryo, one of the survivors.

In the first month of the year 2000, this is the second accident of sunk ships. The first, in the early January, is the KM Mutiara in the sea of Municipality of Muna, that caused 7 out of 41 of its passengers were killed.(an/tim). That was my own free-translation of the news published in Jawa Pos on January 26,2000. Jawa Pos is the national newspaper that has the central office in Surabaya, East Java. Maybe you could look further for the news recorded by the local newspapers that closer to the location of accident.


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