Senin, 06 September 2010

Inikah struktur fisika Jin?

Salahsatu pandangan menarik mengenai struktur fisik dari Jin, berdasar ulama sekaligus cendikia muslim Indonesia:
The Jinn consists of spinning electrons without nucleus, so they don't have masses, yet creates magnetic field, unseen, attracted to and tend to crowds around strong magnetic things as old stones, water pools, dark rooms, humid spaces,; can be weakened and disassembled by light and heat. (Prof. Dr. Ir. Lilik Hendradjaya in Istiqamah Mosque)
Disadur dari nota nya pak Bambang Pranggono, atas ucapan (ceramah?) pak Prof. Dr. Ir. Lilik Hendradjaya (Rektor ITB 2001 - 2005) disini:

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  1. Jinn adalah energy seperti elektron yang memiliki muatan, untuk menampakkan diri mereka mengitari manusia seperti elektron mengitari proton, secara relatif elektron dan proton dapat dipandang saling berhadapan.

    Ras mereka tergantung kecepatan mereka, seperti frekuensi cahaya yang memiliki banyak warna, dalam teori kuantum atom, kulit-kulit elektron berbeda warnanya tergantung dari frekuensi yang diserap

    Makanan mereka adalah methane, ammoniac, water vapour dan carbon oxides…

    Methane = It is the main matter in the garbage cans and especially in the gas of the feces.

    Ammoniac = It is the main matter in our urine.

    Feces and the urine are the food of the genies. You know that the genies live in the toilets, don’t you? Why? Because we leave the methane and ammoniac, the uric acids which are in our primitive atmosphere, to the toilets. The toilet is as if the restaurant of the genies. Yes, this is not a joke. Anyway… The genies, when there were no human beings, took the methane, ammoniac, water vapor and carbon compounds and they digested them. We know that this digestion occured in the form of fire. Meanwhile the world gradually cools. When the water vapor clouds increased and when it rained, the small lakes were formed. Thousands of thunders occur in a second. Our methane, ammoniac, water, and carbondioxide convert into Adenin, Guanin, Sitosin and Timin, the 4 nucleic acids. They are the basic matter substance of the protein. It is the life itself. But there is a disaster for the genies. Their dirt becomes our protein. They eat our dirt, we eat their dirt. They eat our dirt, then they give us back the A,G,C,T (the benefaction, bread, meal) as dirt to us. As you see, a brief explanation of the two words ‘dirt of satan’. Never eat bread in the toilet. Why? I never try it. Now for example in the restaurant, if someone ate the feces of a baby what would we do? We would beat him. As the toilets are the restaurants of the genies, if you eat bread there they will beat you.